[kento-splash-screen]Funny thing about the world we live in. It can be a hostile or friendly place, depending upon how you look at it. I see so much good in the world every day. Within a few blocks of where we all live, hundreds of school teachers unselfishly prepare our children and grandchildren for the future. They stay late after class to correct papers, double as basketball, football, volleyball and soccer coaches, direct school plays and chaperone dances. Local doctors and dentists I know join forces with others in the medical field and travels thousands of miles to provide free medical and dental care to children around the country and around the world. Police officers and firefighters spend spare time coaching youth sports teams and getting to know the kids in their neighborhoods. You and your friends and neighbors volunteer for United Way, Salvation Army, local hospitals, Boys and Girls Clubs, churches and community centers in your neighborhood. Friends I know keep an eye on their elderly neighbors, pull weeds in the yards of disabled veterans and tutor school kids in math and science. People doing good deeds out-number those doing evil deeds a million to one. We were placed here on earth to make a difference, to give ourselves away, to enjoy, protect and nurture every other living being on the face of the earth. We are not human beings living spiritual lives, we are eternal spiritual beings living temporary human lives. Our time here is limited, we must make the most of it by spreading goodwill and good deeds in every way, every day for as long as we live.

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Tony began public speaking his first week on the job in radio. It started with short appearances at sports banquets and eventually led to the development of Positive Energy Productions and the publishing of his first book, “Smile in the Mirror.” Tony finds great joy in sharing stories of inspiration with audiences all across the Pacific Northwest. He’s been speaking at meetings, luncheons and dinners for almost 30 years focusing on the best of human potential.” Since my child hood dream was to be either the play by play voice of the New York Yankees or a comedian I feel fortunate to have landed somewhere in between,” Tony says. Tony also offers voice-over services, commercial writing, on-camera services and public speaker training workshops.

To find and focus on all the good things in the world for which we feel gratitude…from its natural wonders, to its extraordinary citizens who reach well outside their comfort zones to lift others.


TV with Lombardi trophy 011Tony Ventrella began his career in journalism and broadcasting at the age of 22 while operating a barber shop in Wilton, Connecticut. “One day a friend came in for a haircut and let me know he was leaving for the U.S. Army the following week. He mentioned that the editor of the local newspaper, the Wilton Bulletin was looking for a reporter. Knowing my interest in sports he suggested I apply for the part time job.”

The following week Tony was sitting in the bleachers at a high school basketball game with a scorebook and a notebook. The editor of the Bulletin offered to consider him the job as long as he was willing to cover a couple of games as an audition. Tony jumped at the chance and for the next seven years was Sports Editor of the Wilton Bulletin, while also running the Village barber Shop.

A few weeks after starting at the Bulletin he walked into WMMM radio in Westport and applied for a football play by play job. The general manager offered Tony the same deal as the Bulletin editor. Next thing he knew he was at a high school football game calling play by play into a tape recorder. Tony’s audition tape earned him a job doing football and basketball games and a daily sports show on WMMM.

Seven years later He applied and landed the Sports Director position at WANE TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After four years in the mid west he was recruited by a New York City company and landed a weekend sports anchor job in Seattle at KOMO TV. Fourteen months after that Tony became Sports Director at KING 5 TV.

27 years later Tony is still reporting sports in the Seattle area as Digital Media host of the Seattle Seahawks.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to stand in front of audiences large and small and share stories of people who’ve had an impact on the lives of others.”
- Tony Ventrella



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