Mariners, Olympics and More

I just realized I haven’t written a word on this blog since the week before the Super Bowl.  So much has happened since then, let me bring you up to date.

First, I bought a Philadelphia Eagles hooded sweatshirt and cap. No, I’m not a fair weather fan, I just happen to like dark green.

The Olympic Winter Games came and went and I enjoyed a good portion of it every night. I’m partial to figure skating since I covered it as a sports reporter way back in 1976 when Dorothy Hamill of my home state of Connecticut won the gold medal at Innsbruck, Austria.

Eight years later as a sport reporter for King 5 in Seattle I covered Rosalynn Sumners' gold medal victories in three U.S. Championships, including Indianapolis 1982, Pittsburgh 1983 and Salt Lake City in 1984.

I also had the thrill of covering her gold medal performance in the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland in 1983. A year later, she lost a close battle for the gold to Katarina Witt in Sarajevo.

Figure skating has evolved since those days into a combination of amazing athleticism and artistry. It’s always been a beautiful sport to watch and usually rules the ratings in the Winter Olympics.

When the United States men’s hockey team upset the Soviet Union in the semifinals at Lake Placid in 1980 I was a sports anchor and reporter at WANE TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana. That victory was such a big deal for the United States, not to mention a big deal for sportscaster Al Michaels who is still going strong on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

What a difference a year makes when it comes to the Seattle Mariners. Last March local sports talk hosts were tripping over themselves picking the Mariners to finally get back into the playoffs and maybe even the World Series.

Already this season their starting first baseman is hurt and legendary right hander Felix Hernandez has a stiff forearm before even pitching one inning. Things look bleak for the M's which of course means they’ll probably win it all in 2018.