Welcome to Tony Ventrella Productions.  After a brief journey into the world of politics I’m happy to say we’re back doing the things we really love to and we’re happy to have you visit.

We now offer a Podcast that raises the level of entertainment in sports reporting and shares the fun from Seattle to Timbuktu. We’ll cover everything from the hot topics of the week to the sports that get little or no attention. We’ll introduce the personalities your know and love and a few you’ve never heard of who may not even exist in real life.

My blog called Sport Tones will introduce you to some of the most interesting people and topics in the region and the world and will always be fresh, honest and seek out the best side of human nature.

As a motivational speaker I’ve shared stories of success, love and sacrifice for over 30 years and will continue to do that for corporations, civic organizations and non- profits throughout the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find more information on the “Tony Talks” page.

My mom used to have an old saying she shared with us every morning before school and in later years as adults. “Let your light shine,” she would say.  “Always bring out the best in people with your attitude and your smile.” That’s been my approach to life and I hope to share it with as many people as I can.